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Daedalus and Icarus



The myths were told from one person to another for many years. They were written into memories of people who passed those memories to their posterity. Some people liked to change details myth to make it more exiting or some might have just didn’t remember it clearly. And the details of the myths were changed over time, until they were written down.


                     Some versions of Daedalus and Icarus myth don’t give much detail. And details can be different in different versions.   Daedalus was always a craftsman and inventor. Sometimes it is specifies that Daedalus was an Athenian architect, and the first inventor of images or that he invented many tools and sculptures with eyes and arms that stand out.

Daedalus had an apprentice, Talos. After Talos invented sow and wheel, Daedalus in fear that his apprentice will surpass him, pushed Talos of a cliff, or a roof or a tower. Depends on what version you're reading.. Then he fled to Crete, either from all the guilt or from Talos’ vengeful relatives. But in some versions, the part about his apprentice goes last. In that version, his apprentice’s name is Pedrix. Daedalus becomes jealous of his apprentice talent and pushes him of the roof.   They add that when Perdix was falling, he was  then turned into a partridge by Athena.  But the start of that myth is when Daedalus is in Crete.

The King summoned crafts man to build him a maze for his beast Minotaur. Sometimes it says that Daedalus constructed a wooden cow(Pasiphae) on wheels so that she could couple with a bull. Pasiphae gave later birth to the Minotaur. Then Daedalus makes a labyrinth to keep Minotaur inside. The maze was designed so that no man who entered the maze could ever escape. King’s enemies or prisoners would be send inside the maze for Minotaur to devour. In one version, every year was a sacrifice of young men to the Minoutaur. Daedalus wanted to go home with his son. But the King imprisoned Deadalus and his son Icarus in a tower, so they wouldn't tell anyone the secret of the lanyrinth.

In other version, the King imprisons Daedalus and his son becouse Daedalus helped Theus to slay the Minotour, by telling him the secret of the labyrinth. The king becomes mad and imprisoned Daedalus and his son in the labyrinth, which was so marvelously constructed, that no man, not even its own creator could find the way out.

It was an island, and all the ports were controlled by the King. So to escape Daedalus made wings for himself and his son. Before they set off, Daedalus warned his son not to fly too high or too low. For if he flies too low the dampness of the sea will clog the wings. Or if he flies too high the sun will melt the wax(and the wings will fall apart, because wax was kind of like glue for feathers). As they were flying Icarus either disagreed with his father or was too exited and started playing by leaping upward and downward. When he leaped into the sky again he got too close to the sun; the wax melted, and he fell into the sea. In one version he falls into the sea after thinking he was like gods because he could fly.

Icarus’ body washed up on a shore. The father mourned his son’s death. Nomatter of the tragidy he returned to live in a city, and continued working as an inventor.